Leave of Absence and Withdrawal FAQ

What is the difference between a leave of absence and a withdrawal?
A leave of absence implies that you plan to, or may someday, return to UF College of Pharmacy. A withdrawal implies that you have no intentions of returning in the future. When in doubt, take a leave of absence.

How long can I take a leave for?
Generally, students take a leave for a semester or year. Maximum duration is one year.

If I take a leave/withdraw, can I receive a refund on my tuition?
It depends on the effective date of your leave. Details on refunds can be found on the University’s Bursar Web site.

If I take a leave/withdraw, what happens to my classes/grades?
If your leave is effective before mid-term of the semester, your classes will be removed from your record, no grades will be given, and no credit will be received.  If your leave is after mid-term of the semester, your classes will remain on your record, you will receive “W” (withdrawn) grades, and no credit will be received.

How does a leave affect my financial aid?
When you graduate or your enrollment status is less than half-time, if you have taken out any student loans, you are required to have an http://www.fa.ufl.edu/bursar/alumni-former-students/exit-counseling/  Exit Counseling session with http://www.fa.ufl.edu/bursar/

The University Bursar (UB) at S-113 Criser. Exit Counseling is conducted through https://studentaid.gov.  Loans enter repayment after six months of separation.