Withdrawal Procedures


  1. Notify The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Teresa Cavanaugh, Pharm.D., by completing and submitting the withdrawal form to pharmdsa@cop.ufl.edu (Attn: Anedria).
  2. The Academic Coordinator will inform the course coordinators that although they will ‘see’ you in canvas, you are in the process of withdrawing from school.  They will be asked to disregard your ‘presence.’
  3. Email the College’s Student Financial Affairs specialist (sfa-help@mail.ufl.edu), notifying them of your status.
  4. If this is not a medical withdrawal, please stop here. If this is a medical withdrawal please complete 6 through 9.
  5. Begin the Medical Withdrawal process with the Dean of Students Office   https://care.dso.ufl.edu/medical-withdrawal-process/
  6. You will need to prepare a narrative, explaining what has occurred. If the withdrawal is for Medical Reasons, please explain this in your narrative and provide medical documentation addressing health issues.
  7. Sign one Instructor Recommendation form, and send it to the Academic Coordinator.

Your Academic Coordinator will reach out to faculty and send the completed forms (one for each of your courses) to the Dean of Students Affairs Office.

  1. Submit the Interviewing Officer’s Statement. Complete the top portion, scan, and email to the Office for Student Affairs at pharmdsa@cop.ufl.edu (Attn:  Anedria).  We will sign off and submit it on your behalf.