Student Affairs

Student Affairs Team 2019

Message from Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Meeting at OrlandoThe University of Florida College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs is here for you! Use of a holistic admissions process allows us to identify well-rounded, high-achieving, empathetic pharmacy students. The innovative curriculum prepares students to provide exceptional quality, patient-centered care. We embrace an inclusive and diverse student body. We are committed to the success of students in the rigors of this outstanding education with programs designed to support mental health and academics such as U Matter We Care, the Counseling and Wellness Center, tutoring, and access to disability services. We acknowledge excellence through awards and scholarships. We promote active engagement with professional organizations that exposes students to the wide variety of career paths available as a pharmacist, provides opportunities for leadership growth and community outreach, and creates lifelong networks and friendships. We have a robust student affairs staff dedicated to your personal and professional development and we are here for you!

Your Student Affairs Team



Shauna Buring, Pharm.D.

Associate Dean for Professional Education
Office: HPNP 4319

 Shauna Buring

Teresa Cavanaugh, Pharm.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Office: HPNP G-234

 Teresa Cavanaugh, Phd, Pharmacy.

Tyisha Hathorn, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Admissions and Recruitment
Office: HPNP G-230

Tyisha Horton

Jose J. Garcia, M.Ed.

Admissions and Recruiting Specialist
Office: HPNP G-236


Jose Garcia

Jenny Palgon Dillon, M.Ed.

Student Affairs Program Director
Office: 580 W. 8th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32209

Jenny Dillon

James Beach, M.L.A.

Student Affairs Coordinator
Office: Fourth Floor – Administrative Suite

James Beach

Wanda Washington

Pre-Pharmacy Profession Advisor
Office: HPNP G-202

 Wanda Washington headshot
 Natalie Wilcox headshot

Anedria Yolanda Williams, M.B.A.

Academic Performance Specialist
Office: HPNP G-235

 Anedria Williams headshot

Dena Wilson

Quality Coordinator and Pharm.D. Registrar
Office: HPNP 3302

Dena Wilson

Mary Beth Yokomi

Admission Officer/ Application Specialist
Office: HPNP G-233

 Mary Beth Yokomi headshot